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Chen 沉

Sinking your qi to your dantian


This is different to the Tai Chi Chen Style.

Think of Chen as combining the external and internal body, enhancing stability and improving balance.

How Does It Work?

Sink it down

Sinking Your Qi 

This can sound pretty daunting and confusing. The expression 'sinking your qi to your dantian' basically means sink your weight down to your lower body. Do this by focusing on your breath, gently breathing in then sink down into your lower body as you breath out. At the same time release any tension you feel in your limbs and joints. You may have a feeling of heaviness as you sink down, this is what you are aiming to feel as that is described as the feeling of Chen.



Lowering your centre of gravity increases your stability and provides greater balance. You will also strengthen the internal structures of your body, your spine, and improve coordination…think of it like you would your core muscles.

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