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Taoist Tai Chi
Yang 108 

My first introduction intro Tai Chi. I was personally taught Yang 85 set through Internal Arts Tai Chi, a condensed list from the popular 108 set.

Taoist Yang style is based on a series of movements that continue on from each other. Each movement flows into the next.

Slow meditative movements. Also known as walking meditation.

Can take a bit of time and patience to learn but absolutely well worth it.


Based on the 108 Yang sequence and modified by Master Moy Lin-Shin who included elements of Qigong into the sequence.


These adaptations create for more turning and stretching movements helping with opening up joints and strengthening internal muscles. 

moy lin shin.png


Combat the physical and mental effects of stress, and anxiety while promoting a sense of calm. 

  • Improve joint function, flexibility, and balance,

  • Enhance lung function for easier breathing  

  • Reduce chronic pain and tension

  • Increase mental clarity, calmness and focus

  • Promotes better sleep, memory, concentration and relaxation.

Amazing Body and mind connection.


Yang 108 set involves slow, spiralling, and circular forms.

Each move flows onto the next with each direction led by the waist.

Movements are song based, (meaning relaxed but focused).

Focusing on joint rotation and extension instead of pulling or pushing the muscles. Using what's known as the nine pearls, (nine joints like a string of pearls down the spine), when one joint or pearl is moved all the joints/pearls move.  

Basically think of Yang 108 as a slow, smooth, relaxing dance. 

Evidence Based

Evidence shows learning and practising Tai Chi gently stretches tendons, ligaments and muscles promoting loser joints and improved flexibility.

Yang 108 definitely does all this and then some.

Tai Chi Class
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