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A balance of both Tai Chi and Qigong combined together to create a continuous flow between movements.

18 individual gently stretching movements concentrating on breathing and movement. 

Shibashi Qigong



Created in 1982 by Lin Housheng who took certain moves from the Tai Chi set and, modified them into simple easy-to-do Qigong movements. In total, he created 108 movements spanning over 6 different sets of Shibashi. 

The set I teach is based on  set 1.


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Yang Style + Qigong Base

With the elements from Tai Chi Yang combined with Qigong, Shibashi is a gentle form of exercise that stretches, strengthens and relaxes.

Shibashi is the perfect beginner's prelude to Tai Chi. 


Movement and breath combined help stimulate the flow of blood throughout the body, massaging fascia tissue around the muscle, allowing the release of tension, stress, reduced anxiety, and increasing endorphines promoting feelings of calmness.

Unlike traditional stretches that work large muscle groups, Shibashi works the smaller inner muscles, tendons and ligaments. In turn improving your posture, strength, flexibility and balance.  

Image by Bekir Dönmez
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Evidence Based

The benefits of Shibashi Qigong are so impressive that even today Traditional Chinese medical students are required, by the Government, to learn Shibashi Qigong as part of their study.

Medical experts continue to use Shibashi Qigong as a complementary treatment of many different chronic illnesses.

What Can Shibashi Do For You

Improve movement and breath coordination. 

Reduce pain, stress, and anxiety.

Boost mood, confidence and memory. 

Improve balance, flexibility and strength. 

Easy to learn 15 - 20 minutes sequence.

The ultimate mood booster.


Add a bit of Qigong to your routine

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