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Grab a coffee. tea or drink of your choice and take a look around. 

Library content is free and available to anyone who wants to become a member!

Click the "Login" and sign up as a new member, it's free.

Learning new things is my passion, especially when it comes to Tai Chi and Qigong. In these tough times, I want to make it easier for everyone who wants to learn a touch of tai chi and a bit of qigong, plus a dash of mindfulness.


It's free.


​However, if you can spare the cost of a coffee or two, it would be greatly appreciated and will keep me fueled for more research. 

Why free?

A couple of reasons:

1. there is so much information out there, and really high up there instructors/companies, vying for your time, attention, and often times your wallet. And quite frankly I can't compete, and I don't want to.


Yes, I've trained as an instructor, and teach classes. and do know my stuff, but there are times when I too am still learning, which I kind of like, and I like to pass on what I've learned to anyone who wants to check it out also.

2. I've struggled with anxiety and perfectionism my whole life which is why I turn my focus to Qigong and Tai Chi to help calm my mind. I also realise in myself that if I started charging a membership subscription to this library I would most likely start to sink back down into perfectionism and run the risk of playing that dreadful comparison game to other online library subscriptions done by other instructors/companies, and quite frankly they will do some content better...and probably more polished :) 

Toss A Coffee My Way...

Deposit bank transfer details are as follows:

(Use your name as a reference)

New Zealand Domestic

L de Jager



Bank name ASB Bank Limited


Important don't forget to let me know you have tossed a coffee my way so I can thank you!

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