Image by Analia Baggiano


Some Common Questions...& Not So Common Ones

Do I Need To Wear A Uniform?

Nope, no uniform required. Just throw on some comfy clothes that you can move around in. Shoes optional, I would recommend flat shoes, but hey you can do Tai Chi in your socks if you like.

What if I Don't Believe in Chi?

Totally cool. The beauty of Tai Chi is that whether you believe in chi or qi makes no difference, you'll still get all the benefits.

Tai Chi, & Taiji Is There A Difference?

The difference is really just the spelling. 

I Have Arthritis, Is Tai Chi Really Going To Help Me?

Yes, the Tai Chi for Arthritis sequence has been specifically designed for Arthritis sufferers. The sequence has been fully backed by scientific studies to be safe and effective.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Tai Chi?

Um, how long is a piece of string? Everyone has a different learning speed, you learn at your pace. There is no level or grade that you need to aim for so there is no rush or pressure upon you to know it all in under 10 weeks!

What if I have A Disability Or Health Issue?

If done correctly and safely Tai Chi can be adapted to fit you! Standing or sitting. Even better, scientific studies show that Tai Chi is very beneficial to nearly all major chronic illnesses. Take a look at the studies: Click Here

How Many Students Are In Each Class?

I like my classes small. However depending on where I'm teaching they can get up to 20 people, not often but every once in a while. Lately I have been capping my Qigong classes at 6 people max, Tai Chi classes I aim for no more than 10 max. 

How Often Should I Practice Tai Chi?

As often as you like. People usually say 10 minutes a day will do wonders for you. Like it's some magical number. Honestly the best practice is one that you can do consistently. If all you can do is a minute a day that is a great start. Make Tai Chi fit your life not the other way round.