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Huo 沉

Ability to move nimbly


This is about being strong, balanced physically and mentally with a powerful Qi. The better your agility the stronger you become.

How Does It Work?

Falls Prevention

Move with Agility 

Agility, or Huo, comes from regular practice with a focus on proper body posture, weight transference, control of movements, loosened joints, and strong internal strength. Improve your Jing, Chen, Song and your Huo will follow.



All about that balance. Falls prevention is a massive issue as you get older. We don't often give much thought to growing older and what changes in our balance occur and with it what issues we may face. Falling is one of the major issues we face as we age and the most likely to cause severe injury after the age of 55. I know 55! That's still so young!

"Jack be nimble Jack be quick, take up Tai Chi & you won't break a hip"

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