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Jing 静

Mental Quietness


In Tai Chi “Jing” is used as a keyword to describe mental quietness.

When your mind races and let's face it everyone's mind races at some point, you want to harness your "Jing" to help quiet and focus that racing mind. 

How Does It Work?

Focus On The Moment

The power of visualization

By imagining you are somewhere tranquil, peaceful, and quiet, think rainforest, meadows, peaceful coffee shops... you can begin to slow down and stop the mind from racing. Once you visualize this place start to focus on the word Jing.


We want to start to associate the word Jing with this tranquil place you have created..So that every time you find your mind starting to race away you can focus on the word Jing and bring yourself back to that place.

Over time simply saying the word Jing can help calm your mind down.

Focusing on the moment

Another way of using Jing is to simply be in the moment. When your mind races, take a deep breath in and focus your attention on something small, the feeling of your breath as it enters your nose, perhaps the feeling of your feet as they connect with the ground.


We can distract and interrupt a racing mind by redirecting your attention to something completely different. You can't have a racing mind and focus on an object at the same time. Once your mind is distracted with focusing on your breath or little finger, nose, the colour blue etc your mind starts to slow down and switch off from racing mode.  You can then start to shift your focus on what your body is doing.


Like everything it takes time, and practice. The more you do it the better you will get at reaching Jing.

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