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Meditation In Motion

Meditation, an amazing practice with many proven benefits such as reducing stress, promoting focus, improving attention & concentration. In a nutshell, inducing a relaxed state of being. Promoted as something we should aim to do every day. However not everyone can do meditation successfully or consistently, especially through sitting still.

I have tried so many times over the years to sit, or even lie down and get my meditation on. Very seldom if at all did I get close to feeling amazing afterwards, more often than not I would either fall asleep or just lie their counting the minutes as they go by. Let's just say I was and still am someone who has trouble relaxing.

There are many various meditations available, not all of them require you to stay still.

Enter Tai Chi. Lucky for me l don't need to sit still to doTai Chi. Same benefits as meditation, all while moving.

Why does Tai Chi work for me but not standard meditation?

Simply put I can't sit still. I'm constantly doing stuff. Natural born fidget am I.

I find with Tai Chi I am so focused on the moves & breathing that I forget about fidgeting. My mind doesn't seem to wonder as much. It's too busy getting caught up in the flow. Effortless meditation in motion.

Qigong, with it's controlled breathing, gentle fluid movements almost created solely for a meditative purpose. Promotes both mental & physical health.

Mindfulness Meditation

The slow & graceful movements combined with a focus on deep breathing promotes a calm & peaceful state. A study done in the Psychoneuroendocrinology notes mindfulness meditation reduces chronic stress & anxiety . It is also noted that the meditation benefits can be enhanced when paired with movement. Tai Chi requires you to be present & focused on your movements, while your breathing helps bring on relaxation.

If you too struggle with sitting still or perhaps want to try something a little different give meditation in motion ago & get your flow on.

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