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Mind Full To Mindful

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Who Am I

Hi I'm Lee, daughter, sister, wife, mother, overthinker. From the time I was born and well into my 30's I was stressing the hell out. As a self proclaimed introvert, socially anxious and sprinkled with self doubt my mind was out of control. Work life balance was tipped over, my favorite pass time was obsessing about food, constant dieting and comparing myself to everyone.

A Change Had Come

Then along came G, 2016, my mini me. She was the straw that broke this camels back. My life had to change. I vowed to get my self healthy and my head in the right place. How? I became a fully qualified health and nutrition coach. Over 4 years of hard study and working on myself I'm proud to say I no longer constantly obsess on my diet and I have learnt so many techniques to quiet the mind. Was it easy no, worth it yes.

Mind Full to Mindful

One of the most significant changes to curb my overthinking and stressed out mind was the art of Tai Chi and the meditative flow of Qigong. I stumbled upon Tai Chi 3 years ago, a small community group teaching Mr Moy style Yang and Shibashi Qigong. Fell in love with it straight away. Two left feet meant it took a while to learn, but the calmness and focus was amazing. I felt balanced after every class. Since then I have taught my own classes and learnt more Tai Chi styles.

And Then There Was Balance

There is strength in balance. Where there is balance there is some form of mindfulness involved. And where there is mindfulness there is a decrease in stress and anxiety, and an increase in calm.


Which brings us here, BalanceBrew. I wanted to create a site where I not only share what I learnt as a health coach, but what I've learnt through my journey with mindfulness, with Tai Chi with parenthood, with life so far. Helping people like me and you find ways to cope in an otherwise fast paced world. To add a touch of mindfulness to everyday life.

Just life life itself this website will evolve and change. Feel free to explore and find your balance.

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