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Song 松

Relax & loosen the joints


However, that doesn’t really do it justice as it is so much more than just relaxation. It’s a sense of opening, loosening, and stretching out of the joints from within.

Kind of like tense and release of muscles.

How Does It Work?

Rest & Chillax 

The power of visualization

Song uses a lot of visualization to gently stretch your joints and relieve tension. In essence, a controlled relaxation to build internal strength and improve flexibility.

As you work your way through the Tai Chi moves visualize the following:

Upper limbs: Loosening your elbows, wrists, and finger joints by stretching them out in the opposite direction, almost like gently pulling the joint open.

In the spine: Loosening would be vertical. Visualize your spine as a string of pearls that you gently stretch from both ends.


Lower limbs: Stretch your hip joints and knee joints gently outwards.

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