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Sun Style Tai Chi Set

Evidence based Tai Chi sequence developed by Tai Chi for Health's director Dr Paul Lam.

 Improves balance, flexibility, confidence and muscular strength

12 movements based on Sun style. Gentle fluid movements. 

Basic Six Movements

1. Commencement

2. Open and Close

3. Single Whip

4. Waving Hands

5. Open and Close

6. Brush Knee

Advanced Six Movements

7. Playing the Lute

8. Parry and Punch

9. Block and Close

10. Push the Mountain

11. Open and Close 

12. Closing

Extendended Movements

13. Brush Knee

14. Leisurely Tie Coat

15. Open and Close

16. Single Whip

17. Punch Under Elbow 

18. Repulse Monkey

19. Brush Knee

20. Leisurely Tie Coat 

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