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Sun Style Tai Chi

Increase your balance and flexibility; reduce anxiety and stress.

Developed by Dr Paul Lam, Tai Chi For Health Institute.12 movements that gently flow together. Backed by evidence-based science, and used in Chinese medicine for centuries, to improve the mind-body connection. Reduce pain, stress, and anxiety. Boost mood, confidence and memory. Improve balance, flexibility and strength. 


Add a touch of Tai Chi to your routine



Dr Paul Lam developed osteoarthritis in his early teens and began practising

Tai Chi to ease the pain.

Teaming up with a group of medical experts and using his own personal experience, he developed the programmes such as Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention based on the Sun style.



Sun Style Base

Pronounced "Soon".

Made up of safe slow gentle fluid movements makes this style easy to learn at any age and fitness level. Adaptable to you and your own comfort level.

No equipment needed. No expensive gym gear required, just comfy clothes.


As we age gracefully, (or ungracefully), we start to wobble a bit, joints don't move like they use to, bending becomes a hazard our strength mysteriously evaporates along with our car keys.


 Sun Style Tai Chi is designed in such a way to reduce pain; improve posture, balance, confidence, muscular strength and flexibility, provide stress relief, improve sleep, and help boost memory so you can finally remember where you put the lost car keys.

Sun style has also been scientifically proven to help in reducing symptoms of arthritis and is used in many practices as part of a falls prevention movement program 

Evidence Based

Evidence-based and shown to prevent falls, reduce pain and improve quality of life for arthritis suffers by improving flexibility, balance, strength and confidence. Not to mention the relaxation and stress relief.

The NZ Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), back in 2000, came to the realisation that prevention is often much cheaper than treatment.

Based on expert medical advice, from 2000 onwards ACC sponsors Sun Style Tai Chi programme Tai Chi for Arthritis around the country as a preventative measure.

Image by Sincerely Media
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