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Inflatable Flamingo

The Flamingo


Did you know the average person spends around 5 hours a month queuing.

This makes queuing the perfect time to practice The Flamingo a mindfulness exercise that helps improve your concentration, balance and of course your patience while waiting in queues.

What To Do:

Pings, dings and random things

First off, where are you? 

Look around and take in what you see and hear. People chattering, the monotonous tone of the word "mum, mum, mum" being repeated over and over...

Check yourself

What's going on? How are you feeling? Are you irritated, anxious, or bored? Is your mind racing all over the show?

Check your feet

Focus on the soles of the feet. Spread out those toes and squish them firmly into the ground. Concentrate on the feeling of anchoring your feet to the floor.

Embrace the Inner Flamingo

While keeping your body upright, slightly bend the knees.

Bring almost all of your weight onto one foot. Make sure your knees are still slightly bent.

Slowly lift up the heel of the other foot, and keep the toes lightly touching the ground.

How does it feel? Is it stable? wobbly? weird flamingo?

Can you slowly raise the whole foot off the ground? a couple of inches? more?

How long can you balance on that foot?

Now do the same with the other foot.

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