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            My Story

Lee de Jager Qigong Tai Chi Instructor

Mischief-maker and creator of BalanceBrew. 

Severe shyness and social anxiety, has ruled my life from my early years through to adulthood. Always at war with my mind, constantly feeling I wasn't good enough.

Due to several life-changing events, I knew that I needed to understand why I felt like this, why my mind felt like it was against me. This lead me to become a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach both through Well College and Prekure. I learnt practical tools for reducing anxiety, stress and most importantly taming the monkey mind.

Not long after graduating as a Certified Coach, and becoming a first-time mum, which feels like many many moons ago,  I began to start practising Tai Chi, I found my anxiety, stress and moods start to reduce, my mind started to calm down, I felt more in control of myself. 

Through Internal Arts Tai Chi I learnt the Shibashi Qigong, and Yang 85 based on Moy Lin Shin. Eventually training as an Internal Arts Tai Chi instructor myself under the guidance of Steve Schapel.

 My passion for Tai Ch, and the various styles, is constantly growing, and through the Tai Chi for Health Institute, and taught by the amazing Tamara Bennet of Smiling Dragon, I have been credited as a Tai Chi for Health Instructor. 

Through BalanceBrew I hope to help others calm their minds, reduce anxiety and stress, and find some balance. 

Chaos to calm, somewhere in the middle is me 



Certification / Experience

Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 & 2 Instructor


Certified Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor


Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Instructor

Certified Tai Chi for Energy Instructor

Over 4 years and many more moons gaining experience in...


Tai Chi Shibashi  Qigong 

Tai Chi Yang 85 

Certificates of Completion

10  Step Tai Chi Form

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