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Mental relaxation and improved physical health.

Move, Breathe, Flow


Easy to learn practice, ultimate in stress relief. Combines breathing and movement together.

Pronounced "Chee Gong" and used as a form of Traditional Chinese medicine dating back thousands of years, safe to say it's worth a look at.

So, What Is Qi Gong?

A mystical art form, a celebration of nature, an awakening of the senses...

It can be all of those things, some of those things or none of those things. All depends on how you use it.


Qi Gong uses a combination of breathing and movement to flow a form of energy known as "Chi" throughout the body, regulating and rejuvenating both physically and mentaly.

Image by William Farlow
Yeah, But How Does It Work?

Slow, wide, fluid and circular movements massage and release tight fascia tissue surrounding our muscles. This tight fascia tissue can be caused by injury, surgery or inactivity. Now by releasing this tissue we can free up the muscle, help reduce chronic pain and develop a greater range of movement.

Breathing methodically and at times deeply, helps activate our parasympathetic nervous system reducing stress levels and promoting calmness. 

A combination of both movement and breath cultivates what is known as a flow state. Flow? you know how sometimes you get so absorbed in an activity, usually something you enjoy, that nothing can distract you from it. Time just seems to disappear. That is your flow state.

The "Chi",(energy), that is produced moves through the meridians. If you are familiar with acupuncture, then you may have heard the term meridians. Similar to acupuncture, Qigong also uses these meridians to channel energy through and heal the body.

Think of your body as a railway system with the meridians as stations, all connected to each other via train tracks. As you could imagine the train runs easier on these tracks if they are clear of any obstacles, this is where "Chi" comes in. "Chi" circulates through each meridian point clearing and empowering the tracks as it goes. The clearer the tracks the better the system.  

Flow with Qigong


Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Stress

Improve Memory

Improve Focus

Improve Flow

Enhance Mindfulness

Promote Calmness 


Reduce Chronic Fatigue

Reduce Joint Stiffness & Pain

Improve Balance

Improve Flexibility

Increase Strength

Faster Recovery from injury

Improved Co-ordination

If all the above benefits aren't reason enough to give Qi Gong a try perhaps this might sway you. The moves themselves, particularly the names of these moves are mystifying and alluring. Names like "Wild Goose Flying", "Repulse Monkey", "Dancing The Rainbow" are sure to at least pique an interest.

White Stork Spreads Wings
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