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Find Balance

 With a bit of Qigong and a touch of Tai Chi l can help you find calmness amongst the chaos of life and reclaim your balance.

Learn Ways To Calm A

Frazzled Mind

It's a crazy busy world that can be overwhelming. It's so easy to get sucked into the vortex of the never-ending to-do lists, constant work/life imbalance and the forever feeling of just not quite ever being good enough. It's no wonder you're stressed out, anxious and forever feeling tired. 

All of the above was everything I felt and so much more. Stressed, restless and unbalanced. 


Constantly being told to just get out more, go for a walk, improve your diet, take some time out for yourself, 30 minutes a day you got to push play. Yeah, these are great strategies to use to improve stress levels and combat negative thoughts, just not always achievable all the time. Often we end up rearranging our life around these. Usually, after a while, these too end up as another chore on the to-do list leaving you both physically and mentally exhausted. 


Making It Work For You

BalanceBrew was created as a place where I can share what I've learned as a Health Coach and Tai Chi Instructor. Teaching you how to use your mind and body together to create a stronger, calmer, and more balanced you. No high-intensity activities, no intricate yoga pretzel poses, no expensive equipment, and no messing with your diet. All that's really needed is just you. 

Using Qigong and Tai Chi, plus a sprinkle of humour, along with some cool mindfulness practices you can reduce muscle tension, chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. Increase strength, mental clarity and balance. All at your own pace and can be practised anywhere.  



Here's Who I Can Help

If you suffer from any of the below you will see some form of benefit in adding Qigong or Tai Chi into your life:

  • Chronic pain 

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Arthritis

  • Diabetes

  • Balance Issues

  • Muscle Tightness due to injury or inactivity

  • Uncoordinated and often trip over your own feet

  • High-Stress Levels

  • Overactive Thoughts

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep Issues

  • Low Mood

  • Easily Distracted...(looking at you Facebook!)

  • Have children who constantly test your patience

Here's How I Can Help


Learn some Qigong to quiet the mind, relax the body and create some calmness.
Ideal for us anxious overthinkers and chronic pain sufferers.

Meditation in movement. Learn some Tai Chi to increase strength, promote balance and boost your mood.
Brilliant for fall prevention and ideal if your wanting to try meditation but can't sit still. 



Learn easy tips and tricks on how to add a sprinkle of mindfulness into your day.
Ideal for stress relief, lowering anxiety and clearing the chaos building up in your mind.



I offer small classes in Qigong and from time to time in Tai Chi.
I also do private or group lessons by request. Contact me if you are interested. 


What My Classes Say

Class participants have repeatedly mentioned how much calmer they are, how they sleep better at night, think more clearly, and how aches and pains have eased up so much since giving my Qigong and Tai Chi classes a go. 

"A fun way to exercise. Lee is a great tutor: patient, knows her stuff, puts humour in (after reading the room) to help us remember. She is very good at assessing how many times to go through each sequence to ensure we have it sorted. I love the fact that it is a great workout without really realising it until the next day. It has become an essential part of my week"


 - Natalia

"Your class really boosted my motivation & physical strength"

 - Rachel

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